[Action] DESIRE & Success: Part THREE

So, we’ve looked at the parameters we put around our own desire to succeed… we’ve questioned if WILD success and “perfect” balance can really co-exist… and now we’re going to move into the most important part of the burning desire to succeed:  Desire-inspired ACTION.

DESIRE for me is a really delicious part of life.  TRUE desire leaves you focused on that ONE thing, anticipating what’s next, losing time thinking about what’s possible…. But A BURNING DESIRE will never be satisfied with this “inner work” or visioneering.  A burning desire results in ACTION. 

Napoleon Hill studied the wealthiest men of his time, and had this to say, “Action is the true measure of intelligence.” I agree.  But I’d also say that,

Action is (also) the true measure of your DESIRE.

This is the difference between those who PlAY business and those who ROCK their business.  My “twitter friend”  @melaniebocock said it this way:

“Others PLAY entrepreneur. I put food on the table!” 

Love that.  A lot.

So, do YOU have the desire to succeed WILDLY?  I dunno.  But, show me what you’re DOing and we’ll be able to “tell all.”  The BURNING DESIRE to SUCCEED inspires daily, consistent action.

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