BOILING IT DOWN: 5 Things You Need to Succeed

The Culprit.

As I sit on my bed with my swollen feet propped up (new vera shoes…. NOT as comfy as they say… enough said.) I am digesting the first day of the official Spark & Hustle National Tour kick-off in Los Angeles.   My feel are swollen, but so is my entrepreneurial spirit… and my RE-confirmed belief that ANYONE willing to hustle  can become a profitable, successful entrepreneur.

I’ve LONG said that business success isn’t mysterious..

that everything you need can be taught, and it can be learned… by YOU.  Tonight, at the risk of over-simplifying ALL that I do, I want to boil it down to the BARE necessities you need to be successful as an entrepreneur.

1.  AN ALARM CLOCK. First, you need an alarm clock… It’s my OPINION that waking up early gives you a tremendous advantage over others.  But it’s a FACT that most uber – successful ‘treps are waking up before the rest of us.  Deduct whatever you wish from that one, but I want to make sure I’m up with Trump, Oprah, Martha Stewart, and so many others whose business prowess I respect and admire.

2.  A SENSE of URGENCY. No, it can’t be done tomorrow, and the perfect time NEVER comes.  Do it now.  Waiting is an acceptable word we use to describe procrastination.

3.  An INTIMATE Knowledge of Your Target Market. Nothing replaces your ability to relate directly and specifically to your target market.  It’s okay to have more than ONE target market… as long as you speak to them very very differently.  When YOU talk to your potential clients or customers, do they KNOW you’re talking to them? Read more about this subject here.

4.  A Willingness to FIRE your Ego, and focus on Your Client. Okay.  It’s a LITTLE about you.  You started this thing…..your passion brought it to fruition.  And YOUR “elbow grease” got it this far.  BUT, when it comes to the financial success of your product, service, or business:  It’s not about YOU at all.  Focus on your client.  Make the product or service about him or her… and meeting their needs or desires.

5.  An Unashamed, Finely-Honed Willingness and Passion for SELLING. I’m not sure there’s more to say on this one.  You have to be willing to sell… and willing to work at becoming BETTER at sales.  Your business success depends – ultimately – on how well you can sell whatever it is that you sell.  Read books on sales.  (Ask me for recommendations. I certainly have amassed 2-3 FAVORITES I go back to over and over.) Go to conferences (like this one!) that hone in on what it takes to sell effectively in today’s economy.  Do what it takes to sharpen your skills in this department.

More to come throughout the conference!  I wonder how these L.A. folks will feel about me if I show up BARE-FOOT today?  Any thoughts?

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  1. Laurie says

    Well I warned you about those shoes… I knew it. As for the alarm clock.. I’m game if you are game to stay up with me working into the wee hours of the morning. I will be a rooster when you become a night owl =).

  2. Darlene Woolard Biggs says

    I’m sooo glad I can’t be blamed for those shoes…. See it’s not always your Aunts fault. Love you and so proud of you even in swollen or bare feet.

  3. says

    I will take you up on your offer to share your top 2-3 favorite books on selling, the ones that you said “you go back to over and over.” Please send asap! I am willing to sell and willing to take rejection and now just need the “know-how” skills.


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