How to DOUBLE Your Sales for Rapid Results

I remember the first time I was asked what I’d have to do to double my income.  In my head, I had two thoughts:

1) I have no friggin’ clue… because if I did, I’d be doing it already; AND

2) Doubling my income would STILL leave me with “not enough.”

Man, was I being shortsighted.  Just the CONCEPT of doubling your income is worthy, because it JOLTS us out of the typical “incremental thinking” that keeps so many of us so FIRMLY ROOTED in the status quo!  In the following three months, I added a ZERO to my income.  A 10X increase.  In three months.  GRANTED, my income wasn’t super great in the first place… =) BUT a ten-fold increase ain’t a half bad return for that short amount of time.

Yesterday, I received word from a Rapid Results participant who wanted to share her success with me.  At this point — regarding these specific details — she’s asked to remain anonymous.  But,   this is what she said,

When you and I had started working together in December my prospects were at about $19,000 (all of which was work I had mostly NOT yet done— and that would take a LONG time to get paid for— although I had no idea it would take as long as it did).  At the time we were working together, not only was I broke, but could not find additional contracts, and I was headed down the “I will just work for free and hope that my blood and tears— leads to recommendations etc..”— I was going to offer over $15000 in work gratis!  oh boy.

Today I am happy to report that I have generated an additional $28,000 in work (upcoming and current contracts) and my eyes are brightly and clearly focused on making at least 100K this upcoming year and (250K OR MORE) if I continue to focus and plan correctly.

Your coaching, patience, guidance, and, kindness and friendship has been such a tremendous light on my path….. THANK YOU.

Ahead of projected.  That’s a good result.

Another Rapid Results participant is happy to be named and tied to her phenomenal success.  Her name is LeeAnn Fay -Ellis and she’s an amazing business owner, wife, mother of two and NuSkin distributor.  Her typical sales for the month had been about $2000.  Not bad, but not where she wanted to be.  After about 5 weeks in the Rapid Results program, she JUMPED from $2k in sales to over $4500 in sales… for the MONTH.  WOW!

So, I asked her to SHARE how SHE DOUBLED, so you can too! Here are her thoughts! Thanks so much LeeAnn…. and Congratulations!

#1   Be Real & Accountable in setting Goals- I LOVE the phrase “if it is going to BE it is up to ME” that being said I know the importance of a great support system and accountability partner.  I always set BHAGs I figure if I shoot for the stars I’ll land on the moon :)
#2  Personal Development…Books & additional coaching with Miss Michelle :)  I had gotten away from reading…back into it like a morning cup of coffee.   In addition to Michelle’s weekly Modules w/ Rapid Results, I’ve been reading: Og Mandino, “The Greatest Secret”; Dave Blanchard, “Today I begin a New Life”  and Darren Hardy, “The Compound Effect.   From this I have been changing poor habits and replacing with better! There is NO PV (personal volume $$) in TV. Have cut back on the crappy TV and focused on creating positive results.  The assessments from and my “unbalanced wheel” was a real eye opener!
#3  Different approach when working with my TOP TEN from Rapid Results potential clients or business partners.   NO sales pitch!  Listening more and finding out if they are open or in a place of need.  More about how I can help them then what they can do for me :)   Givers Gain, for my team to grow and experience their own success I need to set the example…Now off I go to what some might call work… I don’t :)
You can find LeeAnn here:

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  1. says

    Hey gorgeous 😉

    SUPER timely considering I JUST doubled my rates. This was swiftly followed by next day remorse (am I CRAZY?) But I know that I’m now charging what I’m worth. And the awesome thing? I still have women entrepreneurs signing up to my wait list. Now that’s what I call awesome.


  2. says

    I think its essential for self-employed divas like myself to ponder the question of income, set goals, and get really clear on what it will take to get from point A to point B-loved your insights here!

  3. says

    Thanks for the tips to double my sales….hmmmm what is twice as much as zero anyway? Just kidding. Thanks for the reminder…if its going to be it is up to me. Amen!

  4. says

    Now you got me pondering what I can do to double my income in the next three months. That would be awesome.
    One thing I’m taking away from LeeAnn’s story is the importance of surrounding yourself with inspiration- books, blogs and people is what I need to keep me focused on positive results.

    • bmichellepippin says

      So, you’re pondering, huh? What’d you come up with? If you HAD to… really, really HAD to double your income in three months, what would be the FIRST THREE things you do today??

  5. says

    Thinking big is such a challenge for me. I think of myself as a realist (which often translates into reality as “pessimist”) so I used to think it was pie-in-the-sky to imagine doubling income or adding zeros. Then, I tried it and discovered the power of thinking big. And I love what LeeAnn said about conversations that aren’t “pitchy,” but instead focused on service — that’s the key for me.

    • bmichellepippin says

      Jessica, thanks so much for your honesty! I just posted about how people often mistake mE for an OPTIMIST. I’m actually a REALIST… which I think is far more profitable!

  6. says

    I’m the same way as you – I tend to shut down any questions about doubling anything because it just seems so impossible to my rational mind. But when I’ve disregarded that and gone ahead to try anyways, the results can be surprising! And personal development is a HUGE part of it. Thanks for a great post!

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