My Birthday List

Today’s my birthday… and I’m officially 35 years old.  =)  For anyone who cares, I feel as young and vibrant as I did in high school.  While much has changed since then —  for and about me — those who know me best know… that  a lot hasn’t.  **wink**

So far, my birthday gifts this year include Tony Horton’s Ten Minute Trainer, a bunch of holistic herbs and salts for my bath, and some I’ve  yet to open.  I’m 35 today, and very very (very) blessed.

I’ve decided to make this post a list —  the 35 tru-isms I’ve learned about business, and business success.  So, here you go, in no particular order: 

1) Birthing and growing your own business is a noble pursuit.  Be proud.

2) Financial success as a small business owner is within your reach — and if you’re not yet there,  you are probably only a few tweaks or small decisions away from it.

3) You have all you need to succeed — now.

4) The small business battlefield is no place for the timid or easily intimidated.

5) Small business is not a ticket to fast, easy, overnight riches. Run from those who tell you otherwise.

6) We business owners are unreasonably attracted to bright shiny objects.  And…

7) We’re more successful when we resist them, and stay true to the basics.

8) You won’t ever be able to out-earn your own self-conceived picture of who you are and what you feel you’re entitled to earn.  So, work on this.  It matters.

9) A day in the life of a small business owner provides many lessons in the nobility of persistence.

10) Optimism is optional. But realistic and accurate thinking is critical to your success.

11) Business success is NOT dependent on you “getting your name out there.”

12) Business success IS dependent on getting your clients “in here.” Get that straight, and you’ll waste FAR less time and money… and EARN far more.

13) Those who succeed realize that business is more about people and relationships than logos and taglines.

14) Small business is critical to our economy.  More than critical. So, succeed. Your success matters.

15) Business owners who determine to work hard AND smart will have the economic advantage.

16) Be  passionate about personal achievement. This will fuel your success.

17) Nothing will be more indicative of your success than how you spend your time, how you allow access to it, and how ruthlessly you protect it.  Nothing.

18) Setbacks mean very little.  How you respond to them means everything.

19) Setbacks are to be expected.  And they are temporary.

20) So are huge wins.

21) What ultimately matters most is how you handle, respond to and leverage both setbacks AND huge wins.

22) Salesmanship matters.  So, you should study sales, tweak your sales process and realize that YOU are chief salesperson in your business.

23) Competing on price is a fool’s game.   Don’t do it. Ever.

24) Commoditization is the kiss of death for your business.  Don’t allow yourself to be commoditized. If you ARE a commodity, exit that business and build another one.

25) Weeks matter. That’s why I have my coaching gym clients “report progress” to me — personally — each and every week. We only have 52 weeks a year to achiever our business and income goals.  So, one week is too long to go without measurable progress.

26) Measurement matters.  What gets measured, gets done.

27) There IS some truth to what I’ve named “business butt”… This tendency for us to spend too much time on our business and too little time on our bodies and health.  In 2012, you’ll hear more about me changing THIS for me.  =)

28) You can and (if you stay with this long enough) reach a period in your business in which you achieve at a far greater rate than ever before.   Dan Kennedy calls this The Phenomenon.

29) If you need or want massive results / increase, it will require massive action.

30) Boundaries matter.  More than we think.  Have boundaries regarding what you’ll do and what you won’t, what you’ll give away, what your bottom line will be.  Don’t forget boundaries regarding how much time, effort and energy you’ll give to your business.

31) Don’t grow your business in a manner in which you wouldn’t want to maintain it.

32) Re-invention is always possible… and sometimes necessary.

33) Train your business — from it’s infancy — to produce a profit. Your business is here to make money, not take money.

34) What you KNOW about your target market is far more important than anything else in business.

35) Your success is up to you. As Steve Chandler says, “No one is coming. It’s up to you.”

And here’s a bonus:  Stay in consistent, strategic ACTION!!!  Your success depends on what you do… what you DO… what YOU do.

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