Sneak Peak behind My Coaching Gym

Monday mornings…  As  business owners, we have to love them, right?   I mean, who can we blame when we are our own boss and we STILL hate Monday mornings?   Any ideas?  =)

I wanted to give you a sneak peak at what CHANGES the BOTTOM LINE of those entrepreneurs who take part in my coaching gym.  Two things:

1)  We learn to plan our week on Sunday night. We LOVE this stuff… because we when pro-actively plan our week, we can avoid the trap of “putting out fires” and start about the task of “putting out proposals”!    LOL  Seriously, when we free ourselves from the tyranny of the URGENT and PRESSING, we can focus on the PROFITABLE, but not until.

2)  We are encouraged and challenged by emails that are sent out every Monday morning.  Emails like this one, which is actually a combo of two emails – each to one of my FAVORITE coaching clients ever:

BOLD move on firing your client!  Congratulations… I believe we are always rewarded for our audacity! So, I pray to always have the courage to be audacious…. in my billings… in my proposals… and in the way I serve…  =)

Before I go on, I want to ask you:  WHAT is the BOLDEST thing you can do today to move your own practice forward? What is on your agenda this week to make money?  What proposals will you send out?  How many serving hours appointments do you have scheduled?
Why the coaching gym WORKS:
When  you are held accountable for REPORTING (exactly) what you are doing to get new clients or customers, you’ll be surprised at how effectively you’ll begin crafting your days and your weeks around that one purpose.
** Quick note:  The WoW! Factor Coaching Gym is at capacity!  So, we aren’t taking on any new clients right now… There may be other ways we can work together, though.  So, if you are UNsatisfied with the money YOU’RE making, let me know and we’ll figure out a time to talk.  =)

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  1. Delmar Johnson says

    Hi Michelle,

    Delmar with HR Brain for Hire here, The WoW! Factor Coaching Gym sounds awesome. I’m only at the beginning stages of my new venture, that is writing down some ideas and plans of what I would like to do, who I would like to target, researching the pros and cons of doing it, etc. I’m excited about it and a little stuck all at the same time, if that makes any sense.

    I will definitely keep tapping into you words of wisdom you offer at Women Who Wow and on your blog of course and look forward to connecting and talking with you in the very near future.

    Maybe I’ll see you in Dallas next year for Spark and Hustle.

    P.S. Thanks again for the kind note and I hope you got my reply. I’m new at this blogging and responding thing :)…I’m having fun learning thought

  2. says

    Hi Michelle,
    I’ve been bogged down with too many leads without a clear strategy for follow up. Just getting the leads which come through social media, paid ads and networking into an organized follow up system like an excel spreadsheet has been daunting.

    I’ve made an appointment with the director of an art and design school to apply for an intern who will be paid a small amount of money. This could free up much of my time to start systematically calling prospects and asking for the sales.

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