The KEY “x-factor” My Most Profitable Clients LACK

Excuses HANDICAP your business!

When someone asks about working with me privately, I let them in on a little secret:  I choose my private clients VERY VERY carefully.   THAT  is the true key to my clients’ success.

Quick warning:  This will not be the nauseatingly ego-building, honor-me, promote-me, I’m-the-secret-sauce kind of post you might be used to reading from my “expert” contemporaries.  But, it’ll be the truth.  Inconvenient?  You bet.  For you and me both.  So, here goes:

I don’t do anything magic.  Never have.  In fact, the closer you get to me, the more you realize how ENTIRELY AVERAGE I am in every way.  (My clients and gym members find this average-ness re-assuring. If I can do this, surely they can too!)

So, what is it?  How DO my clients go from ZERO to 60K in a quarter?  How DO they triple their income?  How do they fill events, land premium paying clients, and launch new products in record, almost unreasonable time?

Well, if it’s not me… it’s gotta be them.  The fact that they are uber-successful has much less to do with ME and what I’m doing than who THEY are, what they DO, and what they DON’T.  THEY bring the secret sauce, so I figured I’d try to bottle it for you in this blog post:

They aren’t whiners.  They don’t make  — or accept — excuses.  They don’t have what Zig Ziglar called a “Loser’s Limp!”   They don’t tolerate fluff.  They remain unimpressed with shiny objects.  But mainly, they’re willing to do whatever it takes to create what they want.  They know no comfort zone is worthy of their residence.  They are entirely unconcerned with what others are doing or what their peers think of them.  They’re ballsy, bold and brilliant.  And, they have a strong check on their ego, allowing their financial statements higher priority than their “ego bank.”  They course-correct, but never quit.

Let me be up front with you.  I used to have the Loser’s Limp.  I thought I DESERVED money because of all I was DOING. I felt frustrated when others met with success… “If only I had the time — or resources — or WHATEVER they had, then, I could do that too.”  That’s what I would think…. And I was barely making ends meet.

FINALLY, someone was willing to be honest with me.  He told me this:

You can have someone’s PITY or their RESPECT, but you must choose.”

It was then that I realized all of the excuses I carried around…. all of the weak, pathetic whining I’d been doing.  It was then that I made decisions necessary to reach my goals. I hired help.  I gave my work priority in my home — without apology or permission. I quit a couple “causes” I was active in. I quit answering the phone during work hours.  I woke up EARLIER.  In short, I made a list of all the reasons I felt I wasn’t as successful and profitable as I should have been.  I proactively eliminated the ones I could, accepted the rest, and decided to be wildly successful anyway.

In short, I realized that excuses (REGARDLESS of how true they are!) handicap your business.  My top-earning clients LaCK the excuse-making habit.  THAT gives them — and their income — the WOW factor!  No excuses, just results! =)

Here’s to a LIMP-free Thursday!

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    I am starting my list of excuses today! Thanks for this great tip, Michelle. It’s really remarkable how insidious excuses are, even with folks who tend to be pretty self-aware. So, not only am I making my list – I’ll be eliminating those excuses because I really be believe that I bring something to the table in helping create an even better paradise here on Earth and that wondrous stuff is worthless unless I actually bring it to the table!

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