There is only ONE TEST.

In this week’s newsletter to Planet WOW! members (I.E. People here that communicate with me regularly!) I talked about (getting totally ripped off in New York City) and, most importantly, about doing the OBVIOUS thing… going back to my commitment to making business success simple and uncomplicated. (Notice I didn’t say easy or without struggle…)

About three weeks ago, I had the incredible good fortune of meeting the author of my NEW favorite business book, “Use What you Have to Get What You Want” by Jack Nadel. He and his adorable wife, multi-multi-millionaires by their own making, shared their business wisdom at the Spark & Hustle Conference in Los Angeles.

And it was all simple stuff. Stuff that is so simplistic and direct, that when implemented consistently, will guarantee your success. In fact, when describing his book, I told Tory, “If anyone read this book and then ACTED on it, there’d be no need for them to buy or read anything else.” Period.

Every page is a “highlight” page in my mind, but especially page 11. The title is this: A great product is one that sells. And it goes on to describe how we shouldn’t be so in love with any product or service – or so against any product or service- that we forget what really matters in business: WILL IT SELL?

I love his overtly candid, profitably simple and undeniably direct assertion that,

“There is no such thing as artistic success in the world of [business]. There is only one test. If it sells….”

I love it more today as I reflect on conversations I’ve had with so many business owners in the past month. They LOVE what they do so much – what they’ve created in their mind – or even as a prototype- that they are entirely uninterested in this little thing called “business reality”. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve said, “Who would BUY this?” and was met with an angry stare and a circular conversation that went back to how much THEY love it.

Here’s the “harsh reality”: Passion is great, but I can’t pay my mortgage with it. The truth is, I loved my first coaching practice. It was centered around MY PASSION and serving a market that I LOVED and had a distinct affinity for. BUT, they couldn’t pay for coaching. And, being a realist (without much of a savings) I had to adjust. I kept my passion and all that I loved about my work and created my current practice…. one geared toward a market that can’t afford NOT to have services like mine…. one geared toward people who have already tried all the rest of the hype and fluff and need RESULTS NOW. And you know what? I discovered a love for my fellow treps ran deeper than I previously thought. I can’t imagine working with anyone else.

Is there ANYTHING in your business that YOU are “married” to? Is there anything you’re not holding accountable for acing that ONE TEST: Does it SELL? How about your website? Your copy? Your sales system? Your networking strategy? Your products or services? ALL of it should be held accountable for producing a result – if it is for business. Is it PROFITABLE?

I’d love to hear from you. What do YOU need to look at in your business? What – in your biz – fails the test? What are you going to do about it?

P.S. When 87-year old, WWII hero Jack Nadel walked onto the stage with his cane, he said, “And to think… I used to leap over tall buildings.”  Instantly, I fell in love with his humility, confidence, humor and his ability to relate to everyone in the room.  And I thought to myself, “No doubt you did.”

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