TWO of the Most Damaging Concepts Holding YOUR BIZ Back (Big Time!)

When in a discussion about pricing with a coaching gym member recently, she indicated that she rejected my pricing suggestion and went with another — much lower — offer.  Her offer was rejected.  (In part — I believe — because her pricing spoke LOW VALUE to her prospect.)

**Quick note: Thanks to my client for approving this blog post.  She’s amazing and has remedied this situation… to the tune of a five-figure increase in six weeks! WOOHOO!** 

Anyway, I asked why she’d changed her offer at the last minute.  Her response?

“I just went with what felt right.” 


 I hate to be Captain Obvious here, but what FEELS RIGHT has not been working for you.  What FEELS RIGHT is another way of saying, “I went with what I’m comfortable with.”

Put another way, “I am UNWILLING to go that far out of my all-too-cozy (albeit BROKE) comfort zone.” 

Ruh-Roh!!! Now, we’re getting into the UGLY part of what holds business owners in all industries back.  Here are two of the most damaging concepts that — if they have ANY part in your thinking — are holding your business back:

UNWILLING.   An UNWILLING spirit is a cash flow killer.  Be willing to be bold… to do what it takes… to try something new — ESPECIALLY (AHEM!!) if what you’re doing now isn’t working.  There’s more on this subject here:  ARE YOU WILLING?  AM I? 

COMFORT ZONE.  Yuck!  If you’re only willing to do what keeps you comfortable, I suggest you leave this blog IMMEDIATELY and buy a lotto ticket… or start dating people who are very wealthy.  Staying in your comfort zone is a surefire way to go broke in business.  Stay OUT of it!

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