VAGINOPLASTY — And Other Tales from the (Marketing) Crypt

Sometimes reality can be far more funny than scripted comedy, and the world of business offers plenty of it!

Not long ago, I received an invitation to come to an “open group meeting” to get more information about vaginoplasty.  Keep in mind, I was on this doc’s list, but had never ever indicated interest in this procedure.  =)

So, let’s break this down.  You’re holding an OPEN GROUP MEETING to discuss cosmetic surgery for, um… down there?  You mean I get to walk into the room, not sure who I’ll see, and ask questions like what?!  Will there be pictures?  Personal examinations?  SERIOUSLY… this is just a poorly thought out marketing campaign.

People seriously considering this procedure will likely NOT want to discuss it in a group setting.  I mean, what’s next?  Marketing erectile dysfunction drugs by asking any men having “problems” to show up for a Men with ED cookout?  Maybe it’s just me… but this approach struck me (very, very) funny.  Certainly a tale from the marketing crypt.

Wanna hear more? 

The NSA having speakers train other speakers to make money speaking…but the trainer is speaking for free.

The fools on twitter saying they can get me 20,000 followers in a day… and they have 173.

Doctors — of any specialty — who are overweight smokers… overseeing WHAT?  My health?  Thanks anyway.

Kirstie Alley marketing weight loss products…. again.

Oh…. I digress…  Seriously, KNOW who you’re talking to.  KNOW what people see when they look at you.  KNOW how your market needs to receive information from you (privately, or in a group setting).  Don’t KNOW?  Well ASK.  Your target market is much easier to figure out than you think! =) =)




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