A Fool’s Game

Here’s one of my favorite questions to respond to:

What’s the ONE thing I need to do in order to make my business is successful?

It’s my favorite, because I have a ready made answer for it… an answer that will shine a blinding light on why they’re not yet experiencing success.

The answer is simply that there IS no ONE way to succeed… and looking for one is a fool’s game.

The truth of the matter is that the answer to “HOW CAN I CREATE SUCCESS FOR MYSELF?” is multi-faceted.

Business success is not achieved by a singular means or by traveling down a singular road.  Your success — and mine — will depend on us taking massive, simultaneous action. Lots of stuff… at the same time.

It is dependent on us taking more of the RIGHT action, and having the COURAGE to cut out a lot of what is taking our time without producing results.  This is prescriptive, by the way:  Doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

The main hindrance to more business owners taking this advice  is the fact that most are unwilling to hold EACH of their activities accountable for producing a desired result. And without this accountability and measurement, too many business owners persist in activities that are NOT creating success for themselves.

So, No.  There’s no ONE thing you can do to guarantee your success.  But, I do want to leave you with this one very specific, very revealing question.

If you were to reach the HEIGHTS of success — as you’ve defined it — how many people would / could say, 

“It’s no wonder she’s so successful.  LOOK AT ALL SHE’S DOING.”  

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    I agree- accountability is a key factor- and I suggest getting a business mentor or hiring a coach that will meet with you regularly- I have done this and it really forces me to do things that are actionable and profitable because I know I will be reporting to her and I don’t want to waste her efforts working within my business by not following through with the plan we outline together.

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