Business Done (really, really) RIGHT.

If you’ve been here any amount of time, you’ve seen a few changes…. not the least of which is the fact that I seemed to have embraced my all-together gnarly hair texture.   Previously enslaved to EITHER my straightener or curling iron, going out without man-handling my natural hair texture was unthinkable.

Then, I tried MopTop Hair products.  All of the sudden, my gnarly texture was less gnarly.  My hair was softer, more manageable and — gasp — I was able to go out without doing anything to my hair.   I didn’t have to avoid my workouts anymore because I’d have an hour’s worth of primping to do afterwards.  I had more time in the morning, and learned Kelly Foreman’s  (founder and creator of MopTop Hair) tips for 2nd (and 3rd) day hair.

As with every working mom, I’m always looking for ways to simplify my life, trim my schedule and save time…. making MopTop Hair one of my most favorite companies. Yes… I still sometimes “style” my hair with a straightener or curling iron… but rarely.  I’ve (in Kelly’s words) “embraced my natural beauty.”

NOW, the fact that she’s simplified my life is amazing enough. The fact that my hair always now smells great and feels even better  is phenomenal.  BUT, MopTop Hair is also a “business done right” example… which is why I’m introducing them to you.

First, when you visit their site, they don’t just SELL you some products.  They take you through a short quiz to get your EXACT “hair frizz intervention prescription.”  So, the combination of products I use is created just for me.  From the first time you visit their site, you are engaging with them.

I love buying something just. for. me.  Don’t you?  (QUICK BIZ TIP:  Anything “off the shelf” is a harder and harder sell these days. FIND or CREATE a way to infuse your sales process with a more “prescriptive” quality — REGARDLESS of what you sell.)  

Above is a copy of my latest invoice from the company. I’d already purchased from them, and was already a fan.  But, look at what they did with my purchase.  They hand-wrote me a note — a very personal touch.   They also sent me some samples of additional products I might want to try, which I did… resulting in more purchases from me.

But that’s not all.  On their facebook page, they also offer TIPS on ways you can use their products… which is something I’ve found myself relying on more and more as I embrace my inner “curly girl.”  In short, not only is their product superior, they’ve also kept me ENGAGED with a prescriptive sales process, personal touches, bonus samples and regular updates via social media.

Regardless of your product, service, degree, or industry, you can apply these simple “business done right” strategies to YOUR business for a bigger bottom line.  I hope you do!

** btw, do YOU have a business done (really, really) RIGHT example?  If so, let’s celebrate and learn from it.  Email me with details: =)

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