TOP questions / goals for EXPERTS: Continuity and EVENTS

There’s nothing (professionally speaking) that revs my engine like helping “experts” increase their income…. partnering with them as they package their own mental real estate for profit…. It’s like creating something out of nothing… creating the tangible out of the intangible.  When done right, it’s like magic.

Tory Johnson and I just wrapped up an exciting Income Intensive for Experts in Dallas, TX… ALREADY those in the room have reported extraordinary ($$) results… and Tory and I have been blown away by the outpouring of love and gratitude from those in the room.  Truly,  the experience was without parallel and we look forward to the next one we offer.

Until then, though, I want to clarify some TRUTHS around what I’ve found to be TOP goals of most “experts”:  To develop a continuity product / service / membership…. and to hold, host, and fill their own profitable events.

FIRST, let’s tackle this idea of continuity.   The idea (as it is pedaled by most gurus) is to develop this sort of “FIX IT AND FORGET IT”  info-based program that you break into monthly installments and “feed” to your “tribe” slowly… rather than giving it ALL to them in one comprehensive product.

Now, there are many problems with this… from a marketing, sales, and over-all VALUE perspective… BUT I can’t get into all of that now.  (If you’re considering a continuity “roll out” of some sort for 2011, email me at and we’ll set aside some time to talk.)

Let’s just cover the BASIC principle of America’s “buy-ology” today:  A program lacking ANY human touch will be a hard, hard sell.  I would say impossible…. but there are exceptions to almost everything… so I’ll just stick with hard, hard sell.  Don’t try it.   Invigorate your “continuity program” with a human element instead…. a human touch….

Also, don’t “child-ize” your market by attempting to  determine FOR THEM how much they can “handle” each month… and talk about “spoon feeding” them with your product every month.  If they aren’t insulted by that sort of language…. Well, if they aren’t insulted by that sort of language, sell them anything you want… Bottom line, we should be INSULTED by that sort of language… and should stop using it immediately.  Moving on… =)

About those “events” we all want to host… those five- or six- figure pay days the gurus teach us how to market and sell….  Even in today’s super – busy, techno-savvy world of information overload and overwhelm, events and seminars, retreats and intensives, conferences and workshops… they still SELL because there is something really attractive about leaving behind your everyday problems to focus your attention on creating SOLUTIONS to those problems. There is one caveat, however:  Events sell BETTER when packaged as a solution or a program in which the physical event is one PART of the program as a whole.

As an example, the Income Intensive Tory and I offer is a three day event, that KICKS OFF the three months of personalized support and coaching for the experts that attend.  So, essentially, it is a private coaching program that includes an intimate income intensive…   A three – day intensive alone would be a much harder sell.

So, a GREAT question to ask yourself is this:  How can you COMBINE your idea of a continuity product or program WITH your idea for a live event????  How can you make them work together to create an unparalleled value for your market?


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    After having spent way too much money on an event on continuity/membership programs….I was so happy to get your down to earth realistic tweak on my plan at our Dallas Intensive before I rolled out my program. Honestly, you saved me a lot of time and effort and morale. Who has time to waste anymore and as small business owners, it’s demoralizing to put our hearts into products that don’t sell.

    I always count on you for the truth, and for being shown how to do things with integrity and in ways that best serve my clients and my business.

    You’re the best.

    Love to you-
    Simple Sacred Solutions to Living Beautifully In Your Body

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    I consider myself very lucky to have been a participant in the Dallas weekend. What I liked most was and is the human touch. Tory and Michelle were clearly giving their best to us, authentic and honest answers to questions, exciting and inventive ideas and suggestions. The follow up is by far the best part of the program. We didn’t just leave Dallas with a binder of “Ideas” that would sit in the binder and sit the binder and… you know what I am talking about. YOU get the binder and the homework, and the human touch of accountability, feedback and genuine caring.

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