You Need to be HARDER on Yourself!

That’s not a misprint.  I hear a lot of talk about “NOT being so hard on ourselves” and “giving ourselves a break.”  But, when it comes to creating FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE  as entrepreneurs — frankly, we could stand to be a bit harder on ourselves. 

I see way too many business owners pushing their goals further and further into the future — and I’ve seen it in myself.  After a bad day, we’ll say, “Don’t be so hard on yourself, Michelle.  Tomorrow will be better.”

And we’re even willing to let an entire WEEK go by without substantial production, income or progress towards our goals.  We’ll say, “Oh– you know… it was the week before a holiday.” or ” Give yourself a break. You were under the weather.”

Here’s what I realized — I mean, really, truly realized and embraced —  almost exactly one year ago today.  A WEEK is a LONG TIME in the grand scheme of things. We only have 52 of them to reach our income and business goals.  If your business income goal is even MODERATE, you can’t afford one week without sales.

And, you know, while I’m on a roll… a day is a pretty substantial investment in your business too.  EVERY DAY counts.  Which means  — you should hold EVERY DAY accountable.  Because, today is all you have. Period.   Look at your business goals.  What must you do / accomplish TODAY in order to move measurably closer to whatever you’re after?  Where have YOU been too easy on yourself?  =)


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